The Forsyth County Fire Department began in March 1951 when, at the urging of County Commissioner Wally Dunham, Forsyth County hired its first paid firefighters. These personnel responded to fires in the rural areas of the county, inspected the public schools and worked with various community groups to help organize volunteer fire departments. Twelve volunteer fire departments were organized between 1951 and 1954. In August 1954 the County appointed its first Fire Marshall, who was to head the county fire department and coordinate the activities of the volunteer fire departments. Today there are 18 career volunteer fire departments providing fire and rescue services to the citizen’s of Forsyth County.

Mission Statement

To coordinate, supervise and manage the fire and rescue protection program in Forsyth County by:

  • Conducting a fire prevention, investigation, and code enforcement program.
  • Managing the operation of the County's 9-1-1 communications center.
  • Providing support services and training programs to fire and rescue departments.
  • Providing mandated fire and rescue protection to Smith Reynolds Airport.

To accomplish its mission the Forsyth County Fire Department employs 64 people in four divisions: Administration, Fire Suppression , Communications and Fire Prevention/Investigation/Training.


  • Maintains standards in the areas of training and equipment
  • Strives to provide the lowest possible fire insurance rates for county residents
  • Maintains firefighter eligibility for local, state, and federal benefits
  • Acts as liaison between the volunteer departments and local, state and federal governments

Fire Suppression

  • Coordinates and supports fire suppression activities for the volunteer fire departments
  • Responds with volunteer departments throughout the county on structural fire and major incidents
  • Conducts inspections of business occupancies in the county to ensure compliance with the fire code


  • Operates emergency 9-1-1 communication center
  • Disseminates requests for fire, rescue and emergency medical service
  • Operates and maintains communications network and 9-1-1 database
  • Coordinates Federal Communications Commission licensing and radio purchases

Fire Prevention - Investigation - Training

  • Enforces the County's fire prevention code
  • Investigates the origin and cause of fires
  • Coordinates the County's fire training programs
  • Conducts public safety education programs and private home fire safety inspections
  • Reviews new building plans to ensure compliance with fire code regulation

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